Saturday, 23 May 2009

stamen and petals at ICFF 2009

Thank you for coming to my stand at ICFF 2009 and having a great interest!
I showed 2 sorts of lamp shades, which are called ‘stamen’ and ‘petals’.
In the stamen, I used around 12,500 toothpicks in the largest one.
The petal was composed of disposable plastic spoons holed by solder iron.
Both of them are easy to attach to normal suspending bulbs.

I’m gonna create some different taste for the next exhibition, which might be taken place in London or Paris.

Many thanks


  1. Very interesting lamp covers. Kinda have a Scandinavian feel to them. Great re-purpose of ordinary objects.

  2. Beautiful.

    Er... Organic Orgasm?

  3. I made a skateboard from toothpics- long process

  4. Very nice work. I am curious how much the bulb heats up and if that melts the spoons? (or has t in previous attempts?) I would imagine that the holes allow for some cooling.

  5. Wild & interesting lamp shades, made from some very unusual materials. Very creative reuse of everyday objects!

  6. Spetacular work.
    I´m wondering if i could write about your work im my blog,, and use one or two images from your artwork.
    I have a entire section about art made with recyclable and everyday materials.
    Of course the text will give you credits by image and point to your official page.
    Since the official page images are copyrighted, if you authorize i could use images posted in your blog.
    thanks and greetings from Brazil!

  7. Its amazing! I love them, in fact im gonna post about it in my blog tonight or tomorrow! great work!