Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saji magazine at Beyond the Valley

Do you know a creative magazine called Saji?
I met a photographer Miho in the 100% Design Tokyo last year.
She is a founder of Saji magazine has a unique food recipe with great images.
I found the latest issue in the beyond the valley by accident.
It's a worth to check it unless you have seen before.
You can buy this book in creative shops in some countries like Japan, UK, France..
Also you can read the Saji in Japanese, English and French.
I'm a fan of Saji!
Saji :

Frank in Whitstable Biennale

Last week, I installed other part of knives chandelier at Frank in Whitstable on the North Kent coast of the UK. The place is famous for oyster and has a festival of contemporary visual art. The Whitstable Biennale 2010 is starting from Saturday 19 June to Sunday 4 July.
Whitstable Biennale :

Frank is along the main street in Whitstable and a space for british desigers selling creative handmade craft and decorative pieces and art such as books and badges, jewellery and stationery, textiles and prints, ceramics and lighting.. My work is displayed in front of the window in the shop.
Frank :

Hope you can enjoy knives pieces and oysters in Whitstable during the festival.

evening view

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Beyond the valley

I installed a part of my knives chandelier as a window display.
If you have an opportunity to pass through the Newburgh street in Oxford Circus, just have a look at Beyond the valley's window.
Beyond the Valley :

Special thanks to Meabh!
She is creating her own textile design at the National College of Art and Design
in Dublin. Check the following web-site.
Meabh De Burce :

a cloudy day

Thank you for coming to my booth at ICFF 2010.
I would develop this metal scrubber chandelier and it'll be like a large monster cloud in a space.

Thank to Kristi for your interests and article on Inhabitat .com.