Saturday, 16 July 2011

a cloudy day 2

I'm showing a new metal scrubber chandelier ' a cloudy day 2' at Grønbechs Gård in Denmark.
I extended the size of the previous one showed at ICFF 2010.
The exhibition is going till August 15th.
If you have an opportunity to go to Denmark, pop in the Grønbechs Gård!

Thank you, Mai.
Mai Ørsted:

previous one ' a cloudy day 1'

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2011

I'm sorry I report late, but I exhibited a soft toy at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2011 for Tohoku charity.
We are thinking what we can do for Japanese earthquake, tsunami and radiation victims.
I took part in a project for Japan called ' The Give-A-Smile' with British European Design Group.
A Japanese designer, Tomomi had a workshop at a primary school in a devastated area with our soft toy patterns.
I designed a soft toy with cherry blossoms, which is one of the ancient symbols of Japan in the hope that the small pet toy based on a German dachshound will bring a little bit of happiness to a child. I wanted to say we are with you and keep supporting Japan.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Love Earth

Victionary published a new design book 'Love Earth' featuring eco ideas.
They put my toothpicks and disposable spoon lampshade on it.
If you find 'Love Earth' in a bookstore around you or on e-shop, have a look!

Thank you, Grace and Katherine.